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If you look for statistics coaching or private lessons on the internet, you will find a whole range of companies with nice names & logos and providers with doctor’s degrees, who will promise you a lot. However, please consider that these companies mostly are rather marketing agencies which earn money on bringing you into contact with people who you will actually end up working with. If this person will eventually help you professionally can resemble a lottery. Therefore, collaborating directly, you can profit from the following benefits:

  • Prior personal meeting: You can get to know me before any work starts. This way you can assure yourself of my skills and abilities. This happens non-bindingly.
  • Advance performance: In order to prove you my skills and ensure a good start, I will work for you in advance without asking for compensation and work out a solution / strategy for your personal problem. Likewise, this is without commitment.
  • No intermediaries: : As we can collaborate directly, there is no middleman. This results in cost advantages for you and me.
  • Flexibility: You do not have to book no expensive package deals. I am orientated towards your needs.
  • Minimal bureaucracy: We can communicate directly and arrange meetings.

I offer assistance with statistical/empirical or data-related assignments, bachelor- or master thesis and with academic research in general:

  1. Definition of research questions and hypothesis
  2. Construction of questionnaires in order to collect data
  3. Data load into statistical packages (like R or Stata)
  4. Conducting the empirical analysis
  5. Presentation of the results (descriptive and visual)
  6. Result interpretation
  7. Writing down of the necessary parts
  8. Layout & Formatting

The analysis will be carried out using the programs R, Stata or MS Excel.

I am confident in the use of the following methods:

  • Regression Analysis
    • OLS – Omitted Least Squares
    • Logit Models – Logistic Regression
    • Ordered Logit Models – Ordered Logistis Regression
    • Probit Models
    • Instrument Variable Regression
    • Difference-In-Differences Method
  • Panel – Regression Analysis
    • Fixed-Effects
    • Random-Effects
    • Hybrid models
    • Feasable Pooled Generalized Least Squares (FP-GLS) Models
    • Hierarchical Random Effects Models
    • Generalized Estimating Equation (GEE) Modelle
  • Time-Series
  • GARCH Models (Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity)
  • ARIMA Models (Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average)
  • Corresponding Tests like Portmanteau- and Dickey-Fuller Test
  • Parametrical Tests – for instance:
    • t-Test
    • Chi Square (Chi²) Test
  • Non-Parametrische Tests – for instance:
    • Wilcoxon-Rank-Sum Test
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Variance Analysis – ANOVA & Covariance Analysis – ANCOVA
  • Count Data Analysis – (Zero Inflated) Negative Binomial Regression
  • Faktoranalysis
  • Clusteranalysis
  • Random Forest – Decision Models
  • Simulation Studies
  • Event Studies (regarding your needs)

If you are interested in more specific models which you cannot find in this list, you can still contact me with an inquiry. I am motivated to get acquainted with new methods rapidly and will not ask for any financial compensation. Just contact me via